Enjoying Abu Dhabi at no cost

Abu Dhabi is a fast-paced city famous with luxurious beach clubs, world-class parks, high-end shopping, and magnificent hotels. Abu Dhabi is ever glowing attracting numerous visitors. A visit to these serene attractions comes at a high cost. However, some travelers choose to venture away from the popular tourist trail. These themselves rewarded with abundant activities that do not cost them a dime. Here, we look at some of the things to enjoy in Abu Dhabi at zero cost.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

The immaculate mosque is one of the must-see attractions in Abu Dhabi. Not only is the mosque the most beautiful in the world, but also the largest. It has marvelous pure white marble and floral designs complemented with precious stones. Inside, the mosque has the biggest hand-loomed carpet in the world together with the largest handmade chandelier decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold. Visiting the mosque is free but to get the most out of it, join a tour. There are various daily tours whose purpose is education and openness. These tours are also free for all visitors.

Wahat Al Karama

Wahat Al Karama is translated to ‘oasis of dignity’ depicting a war memorial set up to honor UAE fallen soldiers. If you want to learn about the exciting meaning carried by the big structure, register for a free tour at the visitor center. Its metaphoric architectural design and size make for a significant commemoration. While at Wahat Al Karama, you can enjoy the best angle of view of the Sheikh Zayed mosque.


Qasr Al Hosn

This is a great spot for visitors to explore past traditions in Abu Dhabi. The watchtower is the oldest structure in the city which dates back to 1760. A visit to the House of Artisans housed at the tower reveals the traditional features of the UAE. It further showcases the historical importance they have in daily life. The story of the past can be followed through exhibits that show local tales, photos as well as live demonstrations. The tower itself is not free to enter. However, one can explore the surrounding landscaped grounds at no cost. 

Make sure when in Abu Dhabi to see Founder’s Memorial

The memorial offers tranquillity for people seeking to retreat in the midst of a busy Abu Dhabi. From the visitors’ center, you start to feel the memorial through the lens of the architect. You even get to perceive the initial concept through the unusual design of the complex building.

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